Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stampin' Up Leadership Convention in Orlando, FL

I know....  This was a few week's ago, so it's kind of old news...  But, I had such a good time and wanted to share some of my photos with you!!  Plus, I kinda thought.... better late than never!!
Roommates!!  What a great group of gals to spend time at convention with - Tina Weller (great friend from New Brunswick, Canada), Marty Mahar (my Aunt and great friend, as well!) and Sonia Weber (my cousin, Marty's daughter and another great friend!!).  We had such an awesome time together!!

Here we are again during one of the General Sessions at Convention!!

Friend and fellow demo, Robin Spinner - she moved to Pennsylvania a few years ago - it was great to see her again!!

Not a great picture, I know...  But we had so much fun getting together with my friend, Robin Spinner and her roommates (Emma Fewkes and Debra Daam - who, by the way, are some awesome new friends of ours as well now!!)

I guess we liked this photo op...  Plus, I loved the theme of this year's Leadership Convention....  Making a Difference for 25 Years....  I can't believe Stampin' Up has been around for 25 years already!!  Does it date me for you to know that this company started the year I graduated from high school....

So, here is Emma learning she won a free registration to the Convention in Salt Lake City this summer!!  How exciting!!  She was thrilled!!

Here are some of the display boards from Leadership - they do such a nice job of displaying the creativity that the products in the catalog inspire!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these photos!!

Happy Creating!! 


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