Friday, May 4, 2012

You may notice some changes to my blog....

I recently decided it was time to update my blog....  I had been thinking that I wanted a new name for my blog, so I asked my good friend, Brenda, who is wonderful with words (she writes so eloquently!) if she might be able to help me.  She loved that I asked for her help and immediately sent me a message with these ideas....  Now, it would have taken me years to come up with the ideas that probably rolled right off the top of her head....  This is what she had to say....

Oh I love these kind of things... Here are a few things that came to mind as I thought of your business, the blog and the creations behind it -

The Gift of Inkspiration
That's Inkredible!
Tell Me What You Ink
What Do You Ink?
Inkcredibly Connecting/Inkredible Connection
Gathering Inkspiration
Inkspired by You
Ink and Inspire
Amy Inkspired
Think It and Ink It
Impressions in Ink
You and Me Inkin' and Drinkin' (ha ha ha! could be a fun party;)

She goes on to say....

I wanted to include something about gathering and socializing as you do your projects. I think that is at least half the fun of creating - sharing and connecting.

Now, the coolest part about this is that she lives in Minnesota (I'm here in Michigan), and she's never actually been to a class.  And yet, she "got it".  She really understood that one of the best parts about Stampin' Up and papercrafting is gathering friends (both old and new) and family together and sharing this passion that I have with them.  I have as much (if not more) fun spending time with the gals in my classes and connecting with them as I do creating and preparing my projects.  That's why I chose the new title for my blog - Gathering Inkspiration - because I love that I can gather a group of gals together to get inkspired (I mean inspired) by ink, paper and stamps!  And, as I'm sure you can tell from my blog posts, I find inspiration from so many other talented, creative Stampin' Up! demonstrators out there.  Now tell me.... What do you (th)ink??  or.... What do YOU ink??  

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